Regolamento Abruzzo Rally Raid – ARR 2022 – English version


Motoclub Mototurismo Abruzzo, based in San Martino sulla Marrucina (CH) via porta da capo n. 66, President Andrea Zazzara, tel. 3669781470 – – organizes the first edition of the Abruzzo Rally Raid Sept 16-17-18th 2022.



1) The Abruzzo Rally Raid is a non-competitive moto-tourism event that will take place in the wild heart of Italy.

From the coast to the hinterland and vice versa, you will ride on dirt roads surrounded by nature and local wildlife, which are the main characters of the Region.  You are going to live a unique sensory experience by rediscovering the ancient flavors and culture that distinguish our magnificent region.

Part of the proceeds will go to charity for the protection of wildlife and the Abruzzo park areas. The route is divided into 2 round stages for a total of over 500 km.

2) The event will take place on road for public use, with the support of the Organization’s motorcycle and car. All participants are required to strictly comply with the current rules of the road. The mileage provided by the Organization may vary more or less due to unforeseen causes or forced deviations.

3) Due to the natural protected area, the number of participants is closed within these limits:

  • Maximum 150 total participants for categories S and E.
  • Maximum 50 total participants for category T.

For a total of 200 participants of the event, in addition to staff and press personnel.



1) The motorcycles admitted to the Abruzzo Rally Raid will be those of the categories indicated below:

  • Cat. S: individual category with enduro, maxienduro and scrambler motorcycles in compliance with the highway code, no weight and number of cylinders limit. Navigation with GPS track.
  • Cat. E: individual category with enduro, maxienduro and scrambler motorcycles in compliance with the highway code, no weight limit and number of cylinders. Navigation with GPS track.
  • Cat. T: individual category (or with passenger) with motorcycles in compliance with the highway code. Motorcycles less than 150kg are not allowed. Navigation with GPS track.

2) No other motorcycles will be admitted with the exception of the Organization’s ones. The motorbikes of all categories must be updated to the current Highway Code. During the check in operations on Friday, the participant whose bike is not the one registered for the event or does not comply with the highway code, will not partecipate. And no amount of money will be refunded. 

Motorcycle changing for technical reasons, must be communicated to the Organization no later than 7 days before departure.

3) Quads are not allowed.


Art. 3 bis – CATEGORY T

This category arises from the desire to implement the tourist aspect of the event. The dedicated track will be entirely on secondary tarmacked roads riding into the most characteristic towns and villages of the itinerary.

Like the other categories, the group will start from the stage of the event after the participants of categories S and E, also because the route by stage will be smoother. Support staff will be present.

The peculiarity of this category is that of making the itinerary of the event live in a tourist manner regardless of the type of road traveled, with a spirit of navigation and the discovery of villages and towns that, in the classic route reserved for categories S and E can pass more in the background. Passengers are allowed.



All citizens of the world in possession of a driving license that enables the use of the motorcycle for the current year, accompanied by a self declaration of certificate of medical fitness. 

Passengers in categories S and E are not allowed. They are allowed in category T.



In order to make the event as safe as possible it is mandatory to wear technical clothing including boots, protections and helmet.



The check in operations will start on September 16th at 12:00 pm with the motorcycles  check and the welcome kit delivery.

The briefing on the stages will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2022 at the departure starting at 08:00 am each day.



1) The departure of all the categories E, S and T will start from 8:30 am each morning.

The starting order will be 3 drivers every 2 minutes for E and S, while for category T the departures will be shorter so that you can travel in a group.

Regardless of the starting order, they must all be present at 8:00 am. The Organization reserves the right to decide the advance or delay of departures for organizational reasons.

2) Participants are required to behave in an orderly and polite manner towards the organization, other participants and the host location; Participants must arrive in starting line pushing motorbike by hands (with the engine off) in groups of three, turn on the motorbike and wait the green line from the staff.



For categories E, S and T: in some points of the route, passage controls will be set up in order to verify the passage of all vehicles so as not to leave anyone behind.

The length of the stages and the departure times allow participants to travel comfortably while maintaining a recommended average of about 35 km/h and in any case in compliance with the highway code.


Art.8 bis- PADDOCK


The Paddock will be open and active from 14:00 to 19:00 of each stage.

In case of arrival at the village after the closing time, the participant is obliged – under penalty of exclusion from the event – to notify the organization by telephone at the emergency number to report the arrival at the end stop safely.

The timetable will be delivered to the organization at the meeting point for dinner.


Art. 9 – PENALTY

The penalties that the participant can incur are the following; – Non-compliance with the Highway Code (withdrawal from the event) – Non-compliance with the Abruzzo Rally Raid Regulations (withdrawal from the event) – Non-compliant clothing for the entire route (withdrawal from the event) – Failure to attend the Briefing at the beginning of the day, except in exceptional cases promptly communicated and for serious reasons (missed departure).



The management of the tracks will take place through the WHIP APP which, in addition to showing you the chosen track and the possibility of navigating it, will keep you monitored along the entire route with the possibility in case of emergency (mechanical failure or accident) to call for help using a button. . The unlocking of the GPS tracks will take place automatically on the APP before the departure of each day, showing the previously chosen category.

For owners of their own Garmin navigator or similar, the tracks will be sent a few days before so that they can be loaded.

Participants must show up on arrival with the track already loaded on their GPS system where the highlights of the route will be highlighted by the Organization and with the WHIP APP on, under penalty of disqualification from the day.

It is mandatory to download the WHIP APP also for nav owners. Precisely because they must be monitored throughout the course for safety reasons and rescue management.

It is strictly forbidden to disclose the track to non-participants in the event. Any infringement will be punished within the terms of the law.



In the parking areas (snacks, lunches, dinners and paddocks), temporary non-compulsory and unattended parking areas will be set up, delimited or recommended by the staff on site. The organization does not assume responsibility for theft and damage of any kind in the aforementioned areas.



The roadway assistance, following the event, will only provide technical and mechanical assistance that can be resolved without large commitments of material and work. For more complex works, the use of materials and spare parts, the participant will have to personally provide. Broken vehicles will move with our roadway assistance, where possible to the first available mechanic or to the paddock area.



1) The registration fee for each participant:

– € 250.00 per participant for categories S and H, for all days of the event.

– € 150.00 per participant for category T, for all days of the event, any passenger will pay only the refreshment fee of € 90.

No later than 04/30/2022. After this date, a supplement of 50 euros will be added to the fee.

The fee includes: GPS track, real-time geolocation with WHIP APP, mechanical and medical assistance during the route, CSEN event insurance, first aid assistance, access to the paddock, event bracelet, access to the evening dinner at the end of the stage, souvenir gadget, t -shirt and certificate of participation.

The fee does not include: overnight stays, petrol, vehicle recovery with rescue vehicles other than those of the organization and anything not described above.

2) Evening dinner: The participant will be able to purchase additional ‘meals’ for each. The cost of the additional dinner is € 30.00.

Additional meals can be purchased during registration on Friday 16th. The person who buys the dinner will receive the event tag and will be able to access the ‘dinner area’.

Those who will not be provided with the tag of the event will NOT be able to participate in the dinner even if communicated on the spot (the organizational dynamics do not allow it).

3) Drivers of private assistance vehicles have no registration fee but will have to buy meals if they want to participate in meals.

THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FOLLOW THE TRACK of the participants OF THE EVENT, under penalty of exclusion from the same of the person / team to whom he is assisting.

4) The fee must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Registrations without a visible deposit on home banking within a week of opening registrations will not be taken into consideration and will be registered on the waiting list.



The organization reserves the right at the final decision to refuse registration to participants who are not deemed suitable / compatible to participate in the event.


Art. 13 ter – OVERNIGHTS

The overnight stays are not included in the registration fee, there will be the possibility to take advantage of the agreements with neighboring hotels.



In case of renunciation, the participant will be refunded 50% of the registration fee fully paid, ONLY if communicated by registered letter or PEC before 10 September 2022 to the following address: Motoclub Mototurismo Abruzzo, based in San Martino sulla Marrucina (CH) via porta da capo n. 66– or to the certified e-mail address:

No amount will be refunded for cancellations after this date. Any refunds will be made within 30 days. from the end of the event. In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, the participation fee can be used on the new date or 50% of the registration fee will be returned.



Each participant with the fact of being registered TACITALLY AUTHORIZES the Motoclub Mototurismo Abruzzo organizer of the Abruzzo Rally Raid event to exploit their image. Mototurismo Abruzzo will be able to use and disseminate these images both for the production of videos / DVDs and for the creation of reportages and journalistic articles, for this purpose it will give mandate and AUTHORIZATION to professionals in the sector to carry out video / photographic services.



All cases not provided for in this regulation and / or connected with participation in the Abruzzo Rally Raid will be unquestionably resolved by the CDE (Event Resolution Committee) which will make a final decision on any and all complaints and disputes that may arise regarding interpretation and application of this regulation. The Organization reserves the right to make known, by email and communications, any changes it deems appropriate to include in these regulations, of which they must be considered an integral part.



All participants by the very fact of being registered, implicitly prove that they are aware of this regulation which governs the event in all its parts and undertake to comply with it. In the event of a dispute on the interpretation of the regulation, the exclusive CDE (Event Resolution Committee) judgment applies. Participants with the very fact of registration release the Organizing Committee, the Sponsoring Bodies and all without any exclusion, from any and all liability for damages or inconveniences that derive to them or to third parties, to third party things as a result of the event and their participation in the same, also considering going to the starting point in Pescara and / or from another location along the route. By participating, they intend a priori to renounce any recourse and any recourse to authorities.

N.B .: This regulation may be subject to updates which will eventually be communicated during the preliminary operations